The single-phase electric motor is nothing more than an electric induction motor which has a squirrel cage rotor and a stator which is formed by iron sheets silicon and this electric motor is used in washing machine, electric pumps, polishers and refrigerators.

The connection of the single-phase electric motor can be built with two, four or even six output terminals and the motor with two terminals operate in a voltage can be 110V or 220V and a direction of rotation.

The electric motor of four terminals is also constructed on a single voltage, but in the two directions of rotation, but they are determined by following the link which was made between the main winding and auxiliary.

In general, the main winding terminals are designated by numbers 1 and 2 and the auxiliary by 3:04. 11255100 coxreels

The electric motor six terminals is made for both voltages and also for the two directions of rotation. To reverse the direction of rotation, we must reverse the current in the auxiliary winding.

The electric motor DC showed very advantages when compared to the steam engine, the water wheel and animal power, but the high cost of manufacturing this electric motor DC and their vulnerability in operation for switch account made many scientists seek to develop an electric motor that has a cheaper development, were more robust and it had a lower cost of operation.

Scientists have worked to develop a new, more complete electric motor were: Italian Galileo Ferrarris and Russian Michael von Dolivo-Dobrovolski and iuguslavo Nikola Tesla.

The efforts of these researchers did not focus only on the improvement of the electric motor direct current, but they all worked in a profound way with the aim of developing the electric motor with AC systems, because this time, the advantages of this electric motor model already they were known.

In 1885, Electrotechnical engineer Galileo Ferraris developed an AC electric motor with two phases and despite having invented the electric motor rotating field, he concludes wrongly that the engines that were built based on this principle could have a maximum yield 50% compared to the power consumed.

This question is very common and most people know that for the price of a product is necessary to know the characteristics of the same, this also applies to electric motors. Doing a market research is possible to have knowledge about the values for the type and engine model you need.

The price of an electric motor can vary according to the brand and also according to the shop where the customer will get the same. The correct is to search values to compare prices so that we can come to the conclusion that business is with the best offer. You have at your disposal the physical companies and also virtual enterprises, both have great deals for you to enjoy and make the purchase.

As we have at our disposal the single phase and three-phase models, the values vary according to these two details, among others that have been cited.